Create director reports in minutes

With the Caturix Report app, you can create director reports entirely on your mobile phone or tablet.
Screenshots von der App auf dem Smartphone und dem Tablet. Es ist ein Regierapport zu sehen.
The solution

Create director reports digitally

Store company data once

Save your company data once and your reports will be neatly formatted.

Create a director report

Record the work done, the operating hours of your vehicles and machines, and the material used.

Digital signature on the smartphone

The responsible persons can sign the report on their smartphones.

Save and send

All reports are saved on your smartphone and can be sent via email.

Report directorial work wherever you are

Director reports

Create complete director reports and send them via email.

Project administration

Create new projects or edit existing ones.


Upload photos and add them to your reports.


Add employees, vehicles, construction equipment and materials.


Define conditions such as discount, cash discount or flat rate deductions.

Company data

Store your company data to personalize your reports.
Screenshot der App, wo ein Regierapport dargestellt wird.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most common questions about the Caturix app.

No, you can also use the report app without a Caturix account.

You can create five free reports per month. If you want to create more, you can buy the premium subscription in the app for CHF 25/month.

The app is available for iOS. You can use the app in Apple App Store download.

The app is available for Android. You can use the app in Google Play Store download.

One app for all your director reports

Download the app for free from the App Store.
Director reports
Project overview
Photo management
Screenshot der App, wo die Firmendaten zu sehen sind.